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  • Jodi Eberhardt

Camp Knutson shows how Landscaping helps Loons

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

With the help of funds from the Land and Waters Preservation Trust, Camp Knutson continued to work at a couple of projects to protect their shoreland. They will use these locations to help campers understand that what we do on land makes a difference to the loons.

"Camp K" continues to be a good steward of the lake by not mowing to the water's edge and planting natives to secure the shoreline. This work helps improve water quality for loons by reducing erosion of the shoreline and decreasing the amount of Phosphorus in the lakes.

At this location, native plants are encouraged to grow in rocks that were already on the shore. The deep roots of the plants help the shoreline from washing away.

At this site, multiple erosion blankets are used to protect the steep slope. The blankets also hold moisture to help the plants get a good start.

Camp Knutson has worked on their shoreline for many years. It is a tough site, very visible, and they are committed to help reduce erosion and improve water quality for future generations of campers to enjoy the lake and loons.

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