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  • Jodi Eberhardt

Stabilize the Soil in Steep Areas

The erosion potential on steep slopes and bluffs can be reduced by:

• Diverting water away from steep slopes by rerouting drainpipes and gutters. If diverting

water away from the bluff is impractical, it should be routed through a non-perforated

plastic drain pipe that outlets at the very bottom of the bluff into rock drainage.

• If you need a walkway to the shore, follow the natural contours of the slope to go

across or around the slope, or use steps when a walkway must go directly up and

down a slope, but minimize destruction of natural vegetation during construction.

• Keep the moisture- and nutrient-absorbing natural vegetation on steep slopes by

limiting clearing and grading.

• Replant vegetation on barren slopes.

• Create a view corridor through the trees with selective pruning for an excellent view

while maintaining the natural trees and shrubs.

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