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  • Jodi Eberhardt

Be Careful with Pesticides

Pesticides affect not only the pest you are treating - but may negatively impact the entire ecosystem. Read the labels as many pesticides are toxic to aquatic life. Here's some things to consider with pest management:

• Identify the pest and learn about the best way to control it; there are many methods

of control other than pesticides. Seek out Integrated Pest Management resources.

• When you use pesticides outside your house, on the lawn and in the garden, use

them according to the instructions on the label to prevent spillage on the ground,

where watering or rain can percolate it into the groundwater or wash it into the lake

with runoff.

• Broadly applied pesticide (e.g. mosquito fogging) can impact more than just mosquitoes. Bees and other beneficial insects are all affected by pesticide spray.

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