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  • Jodi Eberhardt

Cass County

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Contact Cass County Environmental Services before:

• Buying, clearing, or developing shoreland property.

• Building a new structure, remodeling or adding on to an existing structure.

• Installing a septic system.

• Building a boardwalk, raised path to the lake, or anything that does not meet setback requirements.

• Building or repairing any accessory structure near the shore (boat house, gazebo, storage locker).

• Building stairways, landings, or clearing access paths in bluff areas.

• Draining, excavating, or filling a wetland anywhere in Cass County.

• Any kind of dirt moving, shoreland alterations, or changing the appearance of your shoreland building

setback zone (shoreland impact zone) or near shore area by clearing, cutting, planting, grading, or filling.

• Installing a sand blanket above the ordinary high water level.

• Installing any form of rip rap or installing a retaining wall.

If you are in doubt or need clarification about any activity, contact: Cass County Environmental Services Department; 218-547-7241

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