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  • Jodi Eberhardt

Keep Grass Clippings, Leaves, and Washed Up Aquatic Plant Material Out of the Lake

Grass clipping, leaves, and aquatic plant material that wash up on shore all contain

phosphorus, which is released when the plant material decomposes. To prevent

phosphorus from getting into the lake:

• Use a mulching lawn mower and leave grass clippings on the lawn as natural


• Collect and compost leaves and clippings, or haul them away from the lake to a

disposal site.

• Rake up aquatic plants, leaves, and other organic matter on the shore and

dispose of away from the lake. Hint: It makes great mulch on the garden which can

later be worked in as a soil amendment.

• Do not burn leaves near the lake; it destroys the organic matter releasing the phosphorus,

which could then be washed into the lake.

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