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  • Jodi Eberhardt

Reduce the Use of Herbicides

At the lake, maybe learn to live with a lawn that isn't free of "weeds". Living in the woods will have some seed drift from natural areas into turf areas. Many chemicals have very negative consequences to a lake, aquatic life, and the forest ecosystem.

• Keep lawn healthy to avoid the need for herbicide applications.

• When necessary, use the least toxic and most degradable herbicide and follow

directions carefully.

• Use corn gluten meal, a byproduct of the corn milling process, as a natural pre-emergent

herbicide that stops the root growth of germinating plants. If you can’t find

it in major retail stores, ask them to carry it.

• Remove dandelions and other unwanted plants from your lawn using hand-tools

instead of chemical applications. If you feel you must use a herbicide for control, do

not apply it to the whole lawn. Instead, use an applicator which allows you to direct

a small spray towards each unwanted plant.

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