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  • Jodi Eberhardt

Trout Lake Camp

Trout Lake Camp shows how to #LoveYourLake with land management practices that protect water quality on the Whitefish Chain.

The camp has been working with Crow Wing Soil & Water Conservation District (CWSWCD) on shoreline buffer projects since 2011. In 2016, the camp had a very successful 375-foot shoreline planting of trees, shrubs, grasses and native plants In 2018, the Land and Waters Preservation Trust provided a grant of $2000 to Trout Lake Camps to extend the shoreline buffer an additional 300 feet. The next phase of the project planted trees and shrubs on the steep hill adjacent to the shoreline.

Natural shoreline at the camp has reduced foot traffic and erosion of shoreline. Shoreline buffers increase increased filtration, reduce run-off, and provide habitat for wildlife.

Re-vegetated slopes significantly decrease erosion and runoff into the lake.

CWSWCD helped the camp define phases of the project. The camp learned from each one and was able to build experience in planting and maintaining the areas. Volunteers did the planting, making funding dollars go a long way. The camp managed the planting and watering. They were able to put in drip hoses for irrigation and then extended the system to new areas. Soil and Water staff has been very pleased with the results at the camp.

The watershed is not the only beneficiary from the project. The camp has many visitors that see a natural and restored shoreline. Boat traffic on Trout Lake can also check out an example of a natural shoreline.

Thank you, Trout Lake Camps, for showing how you #LoveYourLake!

Thinking about starting a project on your property? Contact Crow Wing SWCD or Cass County SWCD or read more about How to Create a Shoreland Buffer, How to Plant a Steep Slope, and How to Maintain a Natural Shoreline.

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